Playboyz hits the streets

Playboyz has made their first public appearance by hitting the streets to promote their new album, set to start pre-orders on the 17th. All fans had to do was stamp a red thumb print onto their board to receive a limited edition poster.

Having heard, the week before, that the weather was to be cold, the housewife fans had prepared a large pot of chicken soup for them. Unexpectedly, the weather was sunny and cloudless. 2MORO ended up perspiring so much on their foreheads that they had to shed some of their promotional clothes and left only t-shirts on. One fan, when the staff were not paying attention, embraced the idols and would not let go. The "boyz" were happy to express that they were not afraid of interacting close to fans despite the possibility of sneak attacks.

With 5 groups (2MORO, Fun4, Jun Zi Hao 君子號 (roughly translates to "The Gentlemen"), SK8, and Wei Guo Yuan 韋國元) along with Alien Huang making up this 12 member group, they attracted an impressive group of fans. There was one female fan who brought along a marriage certificate shouting, "Let's get married!"

This group created to counteract the Korean idol wave is certainly showing positive results. Variety shows have all been inviting them to go on and a TV station even wants to create a new idol drama for them.

Playboyz hits the streets:

Source: UDN

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