One Million Star going off the air in February 2011?

Due to poor ratings, the current season of One Million Star will come to an end in February of 2011 and there will not be another season to follow right after. The show, from 2007 till now, has produced many popular singers including Yoga Lin, Jam Hsiao, Aska Yang, Lala Hsu, Anthony Neely, Rachel Liang and more. During its four-year run, the show had once gloriously obtained a record high episode rating of 7.11%, drawing in nearly 1.5 million viewers to tune in. However, it has hit an all time season low of 0.86% in ratings during its recent endeavor – less than two hundred thousand viewers (on Oct 22 episode).

Producer Wang Wei-Zhong expressed, “The show continues to have a great impact on Chinese regions. It’ll be a pity to cancel it. It won’t be aired on CTV anymore. We will work with other networks as well as collaborating with the cultural and creative industry foundation.” The show will transform into a seasonal program, where one season will be broadcast per year, instead of the current format of continuous back-to-back seasons. Producer Wang further added, “(We) need to pay more attention in scouting talents from across the world. We’ve been scouting too hastily in the past.”

With the new seasonal format, both host Matilda Tao and producer Wang hope to increase the quality of the show and continue to bring out more superstars into the music industry.

Source: ChinaTimes, Appledaily, NOWnews, photo from UDN

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