Oh Won Bin to sing new song at F.T. Island's Christmas concert in Taiwan

South Korean band F.T. Island will arrive tomorrow in Taiwan for their concert on Christmas day. Working nonstop, they headed straight for Korea to practice for the Taiwan concert as soon as they had completed their Japanese concert. Lee Hongki has nearly gone crazy trying hard to remember, Korean, Japanese and Chinese lyrics.

F.T. Island is expected to take Korean Airline KE691 to arrive in Taiwan at 11 on the 23rd. They have revealed that they will be singing Chinese songs for the Taiwanese fans. Lee Hongki also hopes that the fans will memorize the lyrics so that the everyone can sing together.

Since the 5 members will be spending Christmas in Taiwan, the hotel they are staying at have prepared gingerbread houses for them and stockings embroidered with their Chinese names for a more festive atmosphere. The concert organizers have prepared ice cream, chocolate, fried chicken, and even Korean Shin Ramen for snacks to replenish their strength.

Ex-F.T. Island member, Oh Won Bin, will be attending the concert as a guest and will travel from Hong Kong to arrive in Taiwan on the 25th. Not only will he be singing his first solo single, "I Love You and I Love You", he will also be singing a never-before-heard song.

When asked about their New Year resolution, the  5 boys said that they hope to quickly "turn into adults." To become more masculine and mature and show fans new charms.

Source: Libertytimes

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