Netizens praise Jay Chou's courage on speaking English

Earlier this week, Jay Chou arrived in Europe to promote his upcoming Hollywood flick ‘The Green Hornet’ with the rest of the cast. Although his limited English meant that he could not exactly speak his mind, there were European reporters who praised his piano performance in the film as ‘so sexy’, which greatly improved his mood. There were even reporters who brought along his ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ EP and asked for his autograph.

Throughout the one-week promotional tour, Jay was interviewed many times by the European media, alongside Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz. Many netizens praised his courage in speaking English: "The fact that he’s brave enough to speak is admirable.” Jay expressed: “Cameron Diaz and everyone have been asking me everyday if my cold has got better; they have all been looking after me.” Initially, Jay had hoped to film the MV for his new song during his trip, however due to their tight schedule in Spain and Germany, he had to wait till their final stop London before he had time to film some scenes. 

Jay has returned back to Taiwan yesterday, for a few days rest before he heads off to perform in America and Canada.

Source: Apple Daily

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