Mike He crams for piano- and guitar-playing scenes in upcoming idol drama "Mei Le, Go"

Taiwanese actor Mike He may be musically illiterate in real life, but that is something that the veteran idol drama actor will need to mask in his upcoming role as a music producer and award-winning musician for upcoming GTV idol drama Mei Le, Go. Since the Taiwanese idol does not want to rely on a musical equivalent of a stunt double to take on his piano- and guitar-playing scenes for his latest role, Mike has diligently been taking music classes to get himself musically in shape. He might be facing a formidable task though, as the star of previous hit idol dramas such as Devil Beside You and Love Contract already nervously sweats from less than five minutes of practicing the piano with his stiff fingers.

The popular idol still has confidence in his own deep singing voice though, and since signing with major Taiwanese record label HIM International Music, which manages both singers and and actors/actresses, the actor has not ruled out the prospect of releasing an album. Yet Mike is completely lost when it comes to actual skills on the piano and guitar, and so the production team has enlisted a music instructor to teach him the ways of both instruments.

Mike does have musical talent in the family, as his younger sister plays the piano, but he himself has never touched a piano until he began learning it for his role for "Mei Le, Go". The actor began his lessons by slowly playing an extremely simple song of "Do Re Mi" with one hand, but due to his fingers stiffing up during play, Mike's finger motions ended up not matching what he was trying to think and thus reacting by yelling, "It's so hard!"

Switching over to guitar and playing an extremely simple chord, Mike's fingers began swelling up in pain, but his guitar instructor was not sympathetic about it and replied, "Your fingers aren't swollen enough. You need to practice until your skin starts to peel." Mike later went on to say, "I've wanted to learn how to play guitar long ago. After I finish this drama, I'm still going to keep learning."

Source: Apply Daily

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