Mike He celebrates his 27th birthday at Hooters

What a great way to celebrate! Mike He enjoyed an early birthday party (his actual B-day is on 12/28) at the "delightfully tacky yet unrefined" restaurant chain Hooters on December 25th. He celebrated with local and oversea fans, as well as his buddy Dylan Kuo. Kuo presented him with a “six-pack” birthday cake, along with a bottle of 35 year-old wine to symbolize their ever-lasting friendship. Fans especially prepared a group of hot cheerleaders to kick off the party, but much to their surprise, Mike He was rather embarrassed and even complained that the music was playing for too long. As for his birthday wish, he hopes to find a girlfriend since he hasn’t had one in five years.

Mike He was one of the male idol stars recently named by the Conscription Agency for avoiding military service. He clarified that he is still attending school one day a week, and since many from his family have served in the military, he would feel ashamed if he doesn’t. However, he hopes to complete his education before enlisting. Fans will get to see plenty of Mike He in 2011: His new drama "Sunny Happiness" with Janine Chang is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 6th, while "Mei Le, Go" with Cyndi Wang is still currently in production.

Source: UDN

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