Mike He at ease with popularity declining

Mike He and Cyndi Wang have recently been busy filming GTV's “美樂加油 (roughly translates to Mei Le, go). On the 5th, they were filming on Chung Hsiao East Road at night. In the series, Mike plays a musician who is down on his luck and gets drunk. This results in petite Cyndi having to carry him home. In addition, Mike had to pitifully get on the ground and bark like a dog, giving off a "has-been" idol feeling.

Since Mike's previous series, Calling For Love, didn't achieve such great results, his idol status has been slowly diminishing. Even the people who gathered around the filming site didn't recognize him until they saw Cyndi. To this, Mike said, "Having my popularity slide means less people will recognize me when I'm walking in the streets. I'm more at ease."

Last night the two were found to be filming near the memorial hall of Sun Yat-sen. They were filming a quarrel scene where Cyndi had to cry. Of camera though, the friendship between the two was not that bad. The two happily chatted and even found sexy girls to come on site to celebrate the director's birthday.

Source: Appledaily

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