Megan Lai needs a "reason to forget" in A-Lin's new MV

As we get closer to A-Lin’s new album “Loneliness Doesn't Hurt (寂寞不痛)” release, she launches a new MV for her latest single, “Give Me A Reason To Forget (給我一個理由忘記)”. She specially invited drama actress, Megan Lai to portray the deep emotions and struggles after losing one’s love.

During the shoot, A-Lin sat back-to-back with Megan Lai and began to sing the song. In less than a minute, Megan was already full of tears. Megan later explained that the song brought back some memories. During high school, her good friend always got a ride from a male classmate every day after school. One day, her friend got a driver’s license and told the male classmate not to pick her up after school to give him a surprise. However, they never saw him again. A few days later, they found out from other classmates that he was met with a car accident on that very day and passed away. Her friend blamed herself a lot after that.

Megan jokingly complained to A-Lin, “This is my first day shooting for the MV and you’ve already cause me to cry so much. How am I going to continue filming?” A-Lin comforted, “Let it all out, my friend. You are professional, so I trust that you will be able to make my MV very moving.” Despite it was the first time for the two meeting each other, they already agreed to meet up again to go sing KTV.

A-Lin's new album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!  The album will be released on the 24th.

Check out the MV below:

Source: NOWnews, appledaily / Video: avexcpop

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