Matsuyama Kenichi corrects his name in Taiwan

Matsuyama Kenichi (Death Note’s “L”) visited Taiwan a few days ago to promote his new movie, “Norwegian Wood (挪威的森林)”. At the press conference, he revealed that Taiwan has been writing his name wrong! It turns out that when Matsuyama Kenichi debuted nine years ago, his management company decided to change his kanji name, “研一” to the katakana, “ケンイチ” for better luck – as advised by a fortune telling master. When “Death Note” became hugely popular in Taiwan back in 2006, the publishers translated his name to “健一” (‘Jian Yi’) based on the katakana since “健一” and “研一” were both pronounced as “Kenichi” – with “健一” being more common.

Matsuyama Kenichi explained that he didn’t correct his name when he visited Taiwan two years ago, but he finally decided to this time, “My parents named me ‘研一’ (‘Yan Yi’) as they hope that I have passion to discover. I’ve always been called ‘健一’ (‘Jian Yi’) in Taiwan, so I thought there was no such word as ‘研’ ('Yan') in Taiwan ne~ Mickey Huang, who was the host of the press con, joked, “Taiwanese likes to call you ‘健一’ (‘Jian Yi’) because they hope that you can be healthy (‘Jian Kang’)!”

Matsuyama Kenichi revealed that he enjoys Taiwanese food a lot. Besides the usual Xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and bubble tea, Matsuyama Kenichi’s favorite is fried eggs with preserved radish (菜脯蛋).
Left: Matsuyama Kenichi was looking like Jay Chou as he arrived at the airport. /
Right: Singer Nicky Lee accompanied his girlfriend Souma Akane to get a glimpse of the star.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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