Matilda Tao refutes previous statements of One Million Star going off the air

Just several days ago, the media reported that the struggling show would come to an end in February and then take on a new format. Matilda Tao refuted such claims at the show’s recording on the 20th. Tao explained to the media, “They were only words slipped out from the door crack and it led to so many speculations.” She further complained, “It’s like I’m sitting at the park with my eyes close, and suddenly someone pours dirt over my face. It’s like a perfectly fine person is said to be dead.” – implying that the show has been pronounced dead when it’s alive and well.

Producer Wang Wei-Zhong also showed up at the recording and revealed that One Million Star’s season 8 is already in preparation, but its content, production cost, and other things have not been settled. Much more careful with his words now, producer Wang further explained that he hopes the show may become a seasonal event “in the future.” Producer Wang said, “We need to think without being bounded by a network.” However, the new format has not been set and is still in discussion. Without a definitive answer, producer Wang said, “(We are) still negotiating with CTV. You’ll still see the show in March.”

In any case, Tao and producer Wang promise that season 8 will be even better than the last.

In other news, there have been rumors of host Harlem Yu not renewing his hosting contract with CTV’s “Guess Guess Guess” which is soon to be up.

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Appledaily

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