Material Queen to land on CTS in March

Their ratings might show the contrary, but CTS somehow managed to make a profit for the first time in seven years. The network announced their big plans for 2011 at a year-end banquet earlier this week. In addition to the TV adaptation of “Monga”, Angie Cai (aka the Godmother of Idol Dramas) will be developing a prime-time series.  And that’s not all. Nextmedia’s much-anticipated “Material Queen” is tentatively scheduled to premiere on CTS in March.

The Queen's cast and crew were filming in a Taichung marketplace on the 16th. Van Ness Wu and his costar Lynn Xiong met with the media in which she was bombarded with questions about her love life. She was reluctant to answer anything Aaron Kwok-related, so Wu came to her rescue by revealing that he is the one who’ll be spending Christmas in Hong Kong. Lynn Xiong thanked him saying she must buy him dinner later. Unfortunately both actors have packed on some pounds and were ordered by the director to watch their weight.

During the interview, Van Ness Wu also revealed that he had turned down a movie project starring Russell Crowe due to scheduling conflicts with the drama. He will be taking a break from TV work to focus on expanding his career to Hollywood and release a Chinese album next year. Material Queen is expected to complete filming in February. 

Source: Appledaily, Libertytimes, UDN, images from Material Queen Facebook

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