Lotus Wang does Chinese opera remake of Show's dance hit

Lotus Wang visited 100% Entertainment to promote her debut album, “Bobee”. It’s been a long while since she has been on the program, and upon seeing host Show Luo, she called him her “hubby” — explaining that because she's a fan of Show's and it was also okay to call him that since her husband was out of the country. But host Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) immediately reminded, “You’re his mom, remember?” which they then replayed their classic 2006 skit of “mom” Lotus Wang catching “son” Show Luo watching porn.

The veteran entertainer showcased her “multi-talents” from dancing, impersonating to smashing roof tiles with her head. Revealing that she had practiced a little of Chinese opera back in her early years in Showbiz, she surprised the hosts with a Chinese opera rendition of Show’s dance hit, “The Dance Gate” (精舞門 / Jing Wu Men).

Show couldn't help but keep imitating how to sing his song in Chinese opera style.

The remake...

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