Leehom, Elva, (S.)H.E, Fahrenheit and others welcoming 2011 in China

With just less than three days left of 2010 (in my time zone at least), our favourite Cpop stars are preparing to take to the stage once more for their final performances of the year. We’ve already seen the singer lineup for concerts happening in Taiwan, but, as many of you noticed, many big names were missing. Every year, concert organisers in China spend big bucks to invite stars from Taiwan to perform, and this year is no exception.

Jiangsu TV’s New Year Concert in Nanjing boasts of big names from Asia but also from the west, with a star-studded line-up of Elva Hsiao, Mavis Fan, Fahrenheit, Christine Fan, Genie Cho, Yoga Lin, Fish LeongGary Cao and also Shakira and Susan Boyle. Elva will pocket an estimated 4.45 million NTD for her 3 song performance which includes her latest hit, “Miss Elva”.

Leehom Wang is performing at Dragon TV’s New Year Concert in Shanghai which will earn him 7.5 million NTD, and Fahrenheit will apparently also make an appearance here after their performance in Nanjing. Angela Chang is singing in Guangzhou for Hunan TV’s New Year Concert and will earn 4.45 million NTD for the performance.

Although Selina is unable to return to the stage for a while, “H.E” will perform as the finale of Shenzhen TV’s New Year Concert in Shenzhen, singing “Not Yet Lovers” and two other songs, earning 3 million NTD to wrap up the year.

Source: Appledaily
*Some of this information came from other sources which may be incorrect or have listed artists that they invited but are not performing; if you see any errors, feel free to mention them below.

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