Lara invites bootleg Rain to star in upcoming "Everything" MV

Did Taiwanese solo artist Lara just get a kiss with Rain? As it turns out she didn't, but she did get the next closest thing to the famous South Korean celebrity by inviting a bootleg version of him for her latest "Everything" MV. The kiss in the MV also ended up being orchestrated to be a faked scene, but that didn't stop ambiguous emotions between the singer and her Rain look-alike.

The director for Lara's latest MV initially requested that both the singer and the actor take part in a kissing scene, but with Lara being shy about participating in the scene, the director laughed and said, "[The kiss] will be obstructed by some cotton candy, but if you really kiss behind the cotton candy, we won't be opposed to it." There was also a scene during the MV where the pair paint on each other's toes while in front of the camera, and then wiped each other's toes once the camera stopped rolling. Lara said proudly afterwards, "Even though it's just a scene where we paint our toes, I treated it as preparing our kissing scene. We're very professional."

During the shoot of "Everything", Lara expressed that she developed a sense of puppy love with her handsome Rain look-alike co-star, and with ambiguous feelings while on set, Lara added, "I have a direct personality, not too much like the yearnings of love style in idol dramas. Not exactly a strong romance, as long as it's comfortable and free, it's fine." Lara also hoped that the light and sweet melody and lyrics from her song will encourage people to bravely pursue love.

Lara's latest album "Hello Lara" is now available at YesAsia!

Lara's "Everything" MV:

Source: UDN

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