Lara films commercial with guide dogs

Yesterday, former Nan Quan Mama member, Lara, was in Panchiao to film a public welfare commercial for the Taiwan Guide Dog Association. Working with 2 golden retrievers, Lara had to close her eyes for a minute to let the guide dogs lead her. "The first step in the first 20 seconds was very scary. It must be very hard for the blind to be in the dark for their whole lives."

The commercial she filmed yesterday was of a father-daughter pair of guide dogs. The father dog was very good to females and immediately got along well with Lara. The daughter was a bit more wary of the same "sex" and it took Lara half an hour to become familiar with the daughter dog. Because Lara's mother was allergic to dogs, she couldn't raise any when she was a kid. It wasn't until she was 14, when her first boyfriend had a dog, that she had the opportunity to play with dogs.

Since guide dogs need a family for the one year before they start training, Lara filmed this commercial hoping the kindhearted would be willing to take care of them. During that time, the association will pay for food expenses and the family only needs to provide them a home and take care of them.

Source: Appledaily

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