Judy Chou re-launches career as member of latest Mandopop boy band trio SIGMA, hopes group becomes male version of S.H.E

Following success in his participation of Taiwan's popular talent show competition One Million Star and the subsequent release of his own album, Taiwanese solo artist Judy Chou recently joined up with newly formed Mandopop boy band SIGMA. The latest group, consisting of Judy and two debut artists Mrtting Li and Tommy Lin, is the latest creation of Mandopop music label giant HIM International Music, where the rookie group calls girl group S.H.E and boy band Fahrenheit as fellow labelmates.

With SIGMA's music label having sent the trio to South Korea to learn the ropes of boy band stardom, in addition to the music label having spent tens of thousands of dollars to produce the group's debut MV, music label HIM hopes to incorporate the K-pop wave success into their boy band investment as a way to counter rival music Gold Typhoon's heavy investment for their own in-house boy band creation Lollipop-F.

Judy, Mrtting, and Tommy of SIGMA

As the runner-up in the first season of singing competition One Million Star, Judy heads up the rookie group along with Mrtting and Tommy as they vigorously trained for one year before their debut. The name SIGMA was chosen from the Greek letter ∑ since it represented the meaning of "synergy", and the members hope to combine their music, dancing, and aspirations to be a huge force in Taiwan's Mandopop music industry. Highlight their dedication even further, the group arduously filmed for their latest MV with seventeen hours of singing and dancing before they wrapped up the shoot.

To help with SIGMA's dance choreography, music label HIM enlisted the aid of professional dance choreographer Choi Ki-seok -- whom helped on the dance moves for 2PM, Wonder Girls, and Rain in the past -- in order to part his knowledge to the three SIGMA members. SIGMA left to South Korea at the end of October to train under Choi before recently coming back to Taiwan to continue their practice with two Taiwanese professional dancers and later start the seventeen-hour filming for their latest MV.

Judy has been serving as the big brother to Mrtting and Tommy for the new rookie boy band, and in order to better bond as a group, the members of SIGMA have adapted a similar training regimen undertaken by S.H.E from their debut days by living together in the same dorm, going to training classes together, spending their money together as a group, and having their schedules sync together.

The formation of SIGMA has been something that soloist-turned-boy band member Judy has been hoping for for at least three years, being able to debut into the spotlight once again in dancing and singing. After a rough start as a solo singer, Judy gets a a second chance to restart his career in synergy with new fellow groupmates Mrtting and Tommy.


Source: UDN, Apple Daily

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