Jolin Tsai and her dog Whoohoo gets printed on T-shirt

Jolin Tsai will be holding three concerts at the Taipei Arena from the 24th to 26th. As part of the concert's merchandise, she especially collaborated with Japanese artists Murakami Takashi and Moritsugu Keiko to design a T-shirt print. Since Murakami Takashi felt that Jolin’s dog Whoohoo was cute, Whoohoo also got featured in the drawing. The commemorative T-shirt will be sold on the day of the concert.

While busy with rehearsing for the concert, Jolin tried on a new outfit for the show a few days ago. It was an antique lace dress that was worth a million dollars (NT). While wearing the dress, Jolin completed her photo shoot with Whoohoo. The staff was originally afraid that Whoohoo would jump on her and ruin the dress, but Whoohoo behaved obediently and quietly sat beside Jolin. Jolin praised, “You sure are smart! We can’t afford to break any part of this antique lace dress.”

 Source: Appledaily, NOWnews, LibertyTimes, UDN

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