Joe Cheng sheds pretty boy images and collapses into tears

In the past, Joe Cheng was mainly in manga adapted idol dramas acting as a pretty boy. But this time for SETTV's Channel X, he has stripped himself of that girl-y style and has become more masculine. In the series, he has to act as an anchor who reports on the news his own fiancee being murdered and then collapses into tears in the restroom later on. He credits part of it to the training that he had to go through for releasing his album, "Previously, my voice wouldn't come out, but the training of my voice for my album taught me how to cry out."

Joe ran into some problems interpreting the collapsing scene and had to ask stage actors for guidance. He also revealed that the death of his good friend Beatrice Hsu (許瑋倫) was also a influence in his acting, "When I heard the news of her death, I collapsed onto the floor and cried. Honestly, that experience was helpful in my acting later on."

Amber Kuo also had to change her cute appearance for Channel X. She stated, "I'm not afraid of crying scenes, but the emotional ups and downs scare me."

Source: Appledaily

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