Joe Cheng plays matchmaker for Danson Tang and Amber Kuo

Jiro (with his 90s hair) was not the only one present at Danson Tang's press conference for Danson's new photobook, DisPLAY. Joe Cheng was also there to cheer his good friend on, and promised to do a little matchmaking on the side. Since the sales for his photobook had surpassed 120,000, Danson had decided to play a psychology test at the conference. The result was that he admired girls like Amber Kuo as his girlfriend, girls who are easy-going and loves smiling. Coincidentally, Joe has been filming Channel X with Amber and offered to pull a few strings between the two. He immediately got ready to call her right then, giving Danson quite a shock.

Though he was only there as support, Joe Cheng could not avoid the questions about him avoiding military service either. He clarified, "Deserting the army is a great shame" and, despite his studies, would want to be a good citizen. Danson also still has plans for additional studies while putting off consideration for serving to the future.

Source: UDN

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