JJ puts on Burberry

With great response to his newest album, "She Says", JJ Lin has been very willing to attend promotional events besides being tired and sick. He recently modeled Burberry Prorsum clothing where the warm woolen winter coat was perfect for his cold and body. He said, "Wearing this is warm and comfortable, it also looks good. It's great."

Besides composing music, JJ also likes to design things. In 2008, he designed his own line and opened a store featuring his own designs for T-Shirts, caps, and other merchandise. As for his own style, he believes that he can pull off both street and refined clothes "As long as one has confidence!" He has admitted that his own self-confidence came from many years of practice, "I continuously experimented with styles to find one that suited me, until I found the element that I was certain of. Thus, whenever I was praised as 'handsome' later on, I would always be filled with happiness.

Burberry clothing emphasizes his refined and dashing side. He says, "I really like the uniforms sense of style; England style. For example, I like all the Burberry clothes I'm wearing today. THe buttoned jacket and the officer style coat are both very dashing. In addition, the way the pants are stuffed into the boots is also a good match. It's what I would usually do when dressing. Looks like I have some model fashion sense."

With the military style clothing, JJ notes that "Wearing this suddenly makes me feel like I have an aristocratic air."

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Source: Appledaily

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