JJ Lin's cover of A-mei's "Remember" from upcoming album released, MV to follow next week

Talented Mandopop star JJ Lin is set to release his eighth studio album "She Says 她說" next week on December 8th, and after releasing an MV and a 15-minute mini-film of his title track, the Singaporean singer announced his cover of A-mei's "Remember 記得" as the second track to be receiving MV treatment.

The second track has already been released online following the initial release of title track "She Says", and that same song was the first to be confirmed from a list of tunes that JJ previously had written for some of the top Mandopop female singers in the industry. As well as being the first cover song off the album to be available online for people to preview, the MV for "Remember" is scheduled to be released on December 7th, the day before the album hits stores.

Even though JJ's upcoming studio album has not hit store shelves yet, pre-orders for the album have surpassed the three hundred thousand mark, a remarkable feat that nearly guarantees that it will surpass the success of last year's album "100 Days".  And unless JJ plans to add cover songs previously written for Angela Chang ("Protective Color") or Hebe Tien ("Only Have Feelings for You"), or surprises fans with new original tunes along the lines from his previous album such as "Jia You" or "X" , expect the tone of the album to be more or less softer and more ballad-like this time around.

JJ Lin's "Remember" track:

A-mei's "Remember" MV:

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