[Update] JJ Lin stuck in New York with Youtube!

JJ Lin and his juniors, By2, were originally suppose to get on a 10pm flight on the 26th after performing at a concert in New York on the 26th to arrive in Taiwan on the morning of the 28th. However, most of you probably know, New York was one of the places hit by the snowstorm causing the airport to shutdown. With an estimated wait of 20 hours before it would reopen and start re-seating, JJ and the 15 people with him are all painfully waiting in the airline's VIP lounge.

His company, Ocean Butterflies, has been in a fluster about the upcoming schedules. They had to cancel eleven schedules originally planned for the 29th and 30th already. In addition, they are worried that they might even have to cancel JJ and By2's appearances on New Year's shows on the 31st. With JJ's two appearance and By2's three costing NT$2,000,000 and NT$1,000,000 respectively, it's quite a loss for them.

Meanwhile, during the wait at the airport, while others were sleeping, JJ was having some fun with his cam. It looks like he was pretty bored (and not too happy) as he uploaded four videos onto his youtube channel (with dancing!). Seems like he will be getting out, hopefully, sometime later today according to his video:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

It's been a few hours since he's updated (perhaps a nap?), but you can follow his status on his Twitter. Let's hope he makes it back in time for the New Year!

Update #1: Looks like JJ is still stranded in NY and the wait is taking somewhat of a toll on him. Definitely seems more tired in his most recent video:

Part 5

Update #2: After being stuck for 80 hours at the JFK airport, JJ has finally made it back home in time for catching the turn of the New Year.

Sources: UDN, JJ Lin's youtube channel (JJLIN327)

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