JJ Lin responds about rumored girlfriend

JJ Lin was recently spotted going out shopping with a girl, which the media suspected that the two were on a date. Just a few days ago, the rumored-to-be girlfriend Lillian Chen Li-Ling (陳立泠) appeared as an assistant host on veteran host Hsu Nai Lin’s mahjong show.

Lillian started out as a web model; due to her appearance and great body, she is often referred to as the "E-cup girl". Back in June of earlier this year, she posted an intimate photo of herself and JJ; with the photo, she wrote, “Lillian’s special stewed shrimp with wine”, which happened to be JJ's favorite. The photo and post caused a lot of commotion among the JJ fans, which led Lillian to close her photo album shortly after.

The media grasped the opportunity to ask Lillian about her relationship with JJ at the variety show recording. She revealed that she has known JJ for a little over a year and the two are good friends. As for whether their relationship is a more than just friends, she refused to answer. On the other hand, JJ expressed that he cannot commit to a relationship right now but responded rather ambiguously, “About our relationship, it’s still in discussion.”

Source: UDN, NOWnews, Chinatimes, NextTVent and gar8513's channels

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