JJ Lin gives special performance on piano at Million Singer

Singer-songwriter JJ Lin visited the popular game show Million Singer and presented host Harlem Yu with his latest single, “She Says”. Confessing that he’s been doing worse and worse every time he goes on the show, JJ started off his first round with “21st annual Golden Melody best female performer nominees” and the choices were: Tanya Chua’s “Parabola”, Amit’s “Fallen”, and Cheer Chen’s “Sun” – which were songs he performed at the Golden Melody Awards earlier this year. Despite the fans were shouting for JJ to sing “Fallen”, he chose Tanya’s “Parabola” instead.

The show especially prepared a piano for JJ to perform the song in his own key-range. He almost gave the fans a fright when he stuttered at the fill-in-the-blank part; he managed to pass nonetheless. Not to waste the NT$12,000 the show spent on renting the piano, JJ also performed Amit’s “Fallen” under everyone’s request. Since JJ didn’t know the lyrics, the show played them on the screen for him, but a line of stars (missing lyrics) showed up…

JJ filled in the missing lyrics for Amit's "Fallen" although it didn't count as a round. To satisfy his curiosity, the show revealed that he got it right.

JJ showed off his moon walk while performing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. In the third round, he invited Lara to perform the KTV hit duet “Coral Sea” with him. But JJ couldn’t come up with a single word for the missing line of lyrics. Even though Lara is the original singer for the duet, she explained, “Actually, I never really pay attention to what Jay Chou sings.” JJ daringly used the “one word” hint and amazingly came up with the missing lyrics; fans also screamed to help JJ correct his final answer.

Left: JJ corrected one word in his answer after hearing the fans screamed. / 
Right: JJ gave Lara a big hug.

JJ got to sing his own song, “Back To Back Hug” in the fourth round. He sang the missing lyrics, “Just want to let you know, just want to let myself know,” but then changed it to “Just want to let myself know, just want to let you know.” Fans tried to warn JJ, but he responded, “Stop trying to fool me, it’s ‘myself’ first and then ‘you’.” Harlem laughed on the side, “Look how hateful you are, even your fans are trying to fool you…they must be spies (for other singers).”

JJ performed Jay Chou’s “Where Is The Promised Happiness” and David Tao’s “Find Myself” in the fifth and sixth round. He used up his final help-line on the seventh round singing Hung Yi-Feng’s Taiwanese (dialect) song, “Pasture of Happiness” – while substituting words he didn’t know with Mandarin.

Since JJ doesn't know Taiwanese well, he asked the spirit of Michael for help by testing (singing) his choice while dancing to "Beat It".

JJ unfortunately lost on the eighth round singing Alan Tam’s 80’s classic, “Half Dreaming, Half Awake”. The line of missing lyrics was so tough that it took 29 tries from the members of the audience to get it right!

Left: Filling in "SpongeBob" in the line of missing lyrics obviously didn't help. / 
Right: The 29th JJ fan finally revealed the correct answer to Alan Tam's classic.

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