JJ Lin ends his 80 hours of horror at the New York airport

As reported previously, JJ Lin and By2 have been stuck at the New York airport due to the snowstorm. After 80 long hours, the group finally made it back in Taiwan at 10:20 am today (30th), just in time for the New Year countdown. During the three days, JJ and company had to eat, sleep, and go to the washroom while staying at the airline’s VIP lounge. To add to the horror story, they had no extra clothes to change into since their luggage had already been checked-in.

Unable to take a bath, JJ had no choice but to wear his same sticky underwear while alternating it inside-out. JJ also had to share the same toothbrush with four other staff members. Yumi of By2 even complained about her older sister, “She (Miko) didn’t even change her socks. When I was sleeping beside her, it stank!” The group took turns to use the washroom sinks to wash their greasy hair, but they could only pat their hair dry with napkins as they didn’t have a blow dryer.

Despite looking terribly fatigued as he landed back in Taiwan, JJ happily exclaimed, “I’m finally back in Taiwan for the New Year.” The airline gave the group $150 US (~ $4,371 NT) as lucky money and fans welcomed their idols with red banners. After JJ had freshened up himself at home, he immediately headed to the dance studio to begin rehearsing for his performances at the countdown shows. JJ’s company advised him that he must remember to eat some pig trotters for dinner to get rid of the bad luck (a tradition). He immediately said, “I need to eat it for at least a week!”

Source: LibertyTimes

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