Jimmy Lin unveils new Mini iPad?!

On the 21st, 36 year old Jimmy Lin showed off his new Mini iPad on his micro-blog, which made the netizens go into a frenzy as Apple has not yet officially released the product. How can he already have one? Could it be a counterfeit? Even the Japanese science and technology website, "Akihabara News", was curious.

Jimmy has been known to be crazy for electronics. Back when he was 26, he established his own online company. He’s one of the few that often gets his hands on the latest gadgets before they’re even released in Taiwan. For example, he got an iPad long ago through the help of his friends in the United States.

Interestingly, he uploaded a photo of himself holding the 9.7 inch iPad in his left hand while a 7 inch ‘Mini iPad’ in his right. He also mentioned along with the photo that the ‘Mini’ version fitted little Kimi (Jimmy’s son) just right. The photo immediately became a hot topic among the netizens; even a blog post wrote, “Holy, 7 inch iPad appears, and the one who revealed it is no other but the never aging idol Jimmy Lin!”

Some professionals believe that the 7 inch Mini iPad is genuine; other netizens simply feel overwhelmed by all the new Apple products.

Jimmy hasn’t been available to respond about the photo, but his manager was feeling just as confused as the rest of us. His manager simply commented that since there is no such product on the Apple website, it’s likely that Jimmy was just joking with everyone.

Jimmy's 1 year-old son, Kimi, also loves electronics.

Source: Appledaily, photo as labeled

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