Jay Chou won't say no to 'The Green Hornet' sequel

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou will attend his first premiere event for his debut Hollywood film ‘The Green Hornet’ on January 10th. Yesterday, he arrived in Los Angeles to prepare for his upcoming concert. When asked about his plans on entering Hollywood, Jay expressed: “Filming ‘The Green Hornet’ wasn’t about entering Hollywood; it was purely because it was a challenge for me, a fun experience and opportunity. Afterall, my English isn’t very good.” However, he is not ruling out filming a sequel to ‘The Green Hornet’. He expressed: “It’s very hard for Asians to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. They are always confined to martial arts films, and will rarely appear in romance films.” He also stressed that unless ‘The Green Hornet’ plans to film a sequel, then the public probably won’t see him appear in Hollywood very often.

Jay also seemed very happy about seeing ‘The Green Hornet’ trailers on the roads of Los Angeles. But he hopes that the media will ask him questions in Chinese at the press conference, “otherwise it’ll just be foreigners asking in English, and I can’t do anything about it if I can’t answer it.” Towards the film crew praising him as a talented dancer, Jay laughed saying: “Actually, I felt quite pleased inside when I heard that because I’m not very good at dancing. I hope they will come and watch my concert, and see my performance in different areas.”

Recently, photos of him and new ‘J-girl’ Connie Luo sitting together at a dinner gathering have made headlines amongst various entertainment news sites. However, Jay personally clarified the rumours: “She’s just an employee at my clothing store.” He also took a dig at the media, saying: “They (indicating the paparazzi) are quite pitiful; haven’t been able to get a photograph of me with another girl for 3 years. Actually it’s very easy to get a photo of me with a female, because my mother is always beside me.” 

In other related news, there were previous rumours regarding ‘Mr J Channel’ being broadcasted on ZJSTV. However, JVR expressed: “We haven’t received any invitations at the moment. Jay wishes to continue hosting, but he really has no time with the movies he wants to film next year.”

Source: UDN

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