Jay Chou promotes 'The Green Hornet' in Europe

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou is known to have a busy life, juggling his time between singing, acting, directing and now hosting his very own television show ‘Mr J channel’. Yesterday, he took some time out of his busy schedule and flew to Europe to promote his upcoming Hollywood flick ‘The Green Hornet’ with the rest of the cast, including actress Cameron Diaz and director Michael Gondry. The film company specially organised a private jet, but it was limited to 16 seats, so Jay could only take his manager and hair stylist to accompany him.

Recently, Jay has been busy holding concerts for his World Tour, and thus he has already missed many promotional events for ‘The Green Hornet’ in Hollywood. Yesterday, he finally joined the rest of the cast to head to Europe to promote. They will be there for approximately one week, and will visit countries such as Spain, Germany and England. 

Despite his already very full schedule, Jay is giving himself even more work. According to sources, he has already finished writing one of the songs for his new album, and has handed it over to his lyricist Vincent Fang. He also hopes to film the MV for the song during his trip to Europe. 

‘The Green Hornet’ will be promoting in Asia in January next year.

Source: Apple Daily

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