Jay Chou doesn't dare to go on Million Singer; sends Lara instead

The Russian-Taiwanese Lara appeared on the popular game show, Million Singer to promote her latest album, “Hello Lara”. First time going solo, Lara was already torn between choosing her first round category as she was presented with “Jay’s compositions for female singers” and “JJ’s compositions for female singers” – Jay Chou being her boss, while JJ Lin is a good friend who was also present on the show. Nonetheless, Lara picked her boss’s category for her first round; President Jay Chou recorded a special video clip to wish her the best by saying, “Only the talented will go on the show (Million Singer). I don’t dare! I can’t even remember my own lyrics. Anyway, you know you are my junior, so if you don’t know how to sing the song, you can just go back to Nan Quan Mama!” – meaning to forget about going solo. Fortunately, Lara passed the first round with ease by singing Jolin Tsai’s “Say Love You”.

Left: JJ didn't feel so great after hearing Lara picking Jay's category first. / 
Right: Jay Chou admitted that he doesn't dare to go on Million Singer.

Lara finally picked JJ’s category on the third round. Since JJ was present on the show, there was no special video clip, but guest Nono humorously suggested for JJ to do it live. Without hesitation, JJ immediately said to Lara, “Although I’m not your boss, I think you’ll sound even better singing my songs.” Lara performed A-Mei Chang’s “Remember”; she wasn’t very certain of the missing lyrics, but host Harlem Yu allowed JJ to hint the first four words to Lara though his body language and hand gestures.

Left: JJ cheated a little by hinting the first six words. / 
Right: Host Harlem laughed that JJ’s “confused” expression looked like some Bollywood dancing.

Lara received some more help from JJ on the fifth round which was enough to make host Harlem Yu mad for being too obvious. She lost on the sixth round for not knowing part of the melody to Mavis Fan’s “Your Sweetness” and went home with ten thousand TWD (half the prize money for round five).

Left: Lara still didn't know which of the three choices was the correct missing lyrics. / 
Right: JJ disregarded host Harlem and hinted to Lara which option to pick.

Watch Lara on Million Singer here:

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