Jay Chou brings new J-Girl to dinner with mom?

Entertainment news (more specifically scandals) tend to slow down around this time of the year, but thanks to Jay Chou, there’s one more (albeit a minor one) just before we head into the Christmas/New Year break. The star of “The Green Hornet” was photographed sitting next to little-known model at a dinner gathering last Saturday.

Since this is Jay Chou we’re talking about, any woman nearby him other than his mom automatically becomes newsworthy. The new “J-Girl”, Connie Luo, previously appeared in an on-line shopping commercial and acted in a drama for DaAi TV earlier this year. She once informed Appledaily that her year of birth was 1984 in an old interview. Her manager corrected that after last week's report saying it should be 1985 instead. The latest version came courtesy of a self-proclaimed senior of Luo; he said she was actually born in 1982, making her 28 this year.

Luo caught the media’s attention when she appeared alongside Jay Chou and his mom Yeh Hui Mei on the 18th. The usually cautious President Chou rarely sits beside any female in public places. Not only was Luo sitting next to him, she also helped his mom as they were leaving. Jay Chou’s unofficial newspaper (Chinatimes) questioned her motive since the paparazzi were obviously waiting for them outside. After their photos made headlines, Luo’s name quickly rose to the front page of Yahoo! Kimo search and became a hot topic on PTT.

As for how she had met Jay Chou? Her manager said she was visiting another model from their agency on the set of one of his music videos. However, the manger of “PHANTACi”, a clothing store co-owned by Jay Chou, revealed that she was an employee instead. He said he would have been the one sitting next to Chou if he hadn't gotten a cold, and added that there were at least 7 to 8 other staff members present at the dinner. JVR responded on Jay Chou’s behalf and confirmed Luo is only an employee of PHANTACi.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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