Ivy Chen showcases combat skills in test shots for upcoming "Black & White" movie

In preparation for the oft-delayed follow-up movie to 2009's hit Taiwanese police drama Black & White, the movie director has made progress in the production of the big screen production by shooting test action shots featuring actress Ivy Chen.  Ivy, who is better known as the triad boss' daughter the award-winning Taiwanese police drama, took part in a sequence of action shots to ready for the actual production of the movie with the help of a French martial artist and action choreographer Cyril Raffaelli.

The production team behind the upcoming Black & White movie sought the expertise of a French fight coordinator in hand-held military fighting for the sake of combat realism. During one practice to prepare Ivy for the movie's fighting scenes, action choreographer Cyril took on the practice role of a husky fellow attacking Ivy with a knife.  As the French martial artist swung at Ivy with a knife, he did not expect that Ivy would dodge the swing late and hit the accidentally hit the Taiwanese actress with the back of the knife until she shrieked from the blow. Other than a minor bruise from the incident, Ivy continued with the fighting practice and action sequence test shots that eventually left the actress with nothing more than varying bruises both large and small.

Source: The Liberty Times

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