Injuries and illnesses not enough to keep stars from countdown shows

Under the cold temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, many singers have fallen sick...or getting themselves injured. But it didn’t stop them from counting down to the New Year with the fans!

For Mayday’s countdown performance, they especially invited juniors from a school guitar club to perform “人生海海” (People Life, Ocean Wild). A 9 meter tall Transformer weighing three tons stood on the stage as an awesome decoration. In addition, Mayday’s lead vocalist Ashin and host Patty Hou sang “志明與春嬌” (Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao) together, taking the show to its climax. But Ashin laughed, “The Transformer, and the hundred-member guitar club all didn’t matter because the spotlight was stolen away by Monster and his foot cast. Luckily, we still had Patty Hou.” It turned out that band-mate Monster had broken his left foot from accidentally kicking his bed post. Monster sighed, “It’s a little unfortunate that I couldn’t get into the high spirit of the countdown with everyone.”

Sodagreen spent their New Year countdown performing in Kaohsiung. Lead vocalist Tsing Fong and guitarist Jia Kai both caught a fever. In order to make it to the rehearsal, a doctor and a nurse accompanied the two on the train to Kaohsiung; the two received IV drips during their ride. Tsing Fong remained silent and declined phone calls from friends in order to protect his voice. Other passengers even commented, “So professional!”

Tsing Fong (front) and Jia Kai on the train to Kaohsiung.

Veteran singer Wu Bai had a one hour performance at the Taoyuan countdown. Despite being sick, he was still full of energy on stage and opened his performance with a medley of classic hits.

Crowd Lu started feeling some pain and numbness on his arm before the big day. He was advised by a traditional Chinese medicine doctor that it was most likely due to the cold weather, causing bad blood circulation. The doctor inserted three acupuncture needles on his arm and leg and then rubbed some herbal medicine on them, using some gauze to secure its place. He didn’t remove the gauze until the day of the countdown concert. Fortunately, he was fine and it didn’t affect his guitar playing. Instead of wearing his signature shorts, Crowd wore long pants to perform.

 Left: Wu Bai / Right: Crowd Lu.

Source: UDN

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