Huang Xiao Ming brings Angelababy in the family

Seems like Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy's relationship is still going strong as, according to the Hong Kong media, he has managed to bring her into the Pepsi household. Since Pepsi rarely ever takes models into their family, this new addition has been generating much discussion.

According to reports, after the news of their relationship gradually leaked out, Huang Xiao Ming has been introducing her to many advertising companies in order to let her Mainland popularity increase at a rapid pace. This time's gig was quite a reward. When asked whether Huang Xiao Ming made the recommendation, her manager would only say, "If 'Baby' was not good enough for Pepsi, they wouldn't use her."

During the shooting, Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy took generous breaks together and playing around like little kids. When he and Ethan Ruan were filming a lion dance together, Baby turned into a young fan cheering for her boyfriend on the sidelines as if she was already "Mrs. Ming".

Source: Appledaily

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