Hsiao Hung-Jen tells you to "shut up...please?"

With his music always filled with attention-grabbing lyrics and stylish arrangements, singer-songwriter Hsiao Hung-Jen is set to release his third album on the 31st. His new single, “惦惦...好嗎?” (roughly translates to Quiet/Shut Up…Please?), has just been released along with a music video.

Hsiao revealed that the inspiration for his new song came from observing couples in a quarrel. The song writes about couples fighting over little things – when the girlfriend asks, “Who are you talking on the phone with? Is it a girl?” the boyfriend can’t refrain from scolding, “Just shut up…be quiet!” But Hsiao explained that their quarreling is actually full of love. Thus, he named the song, “Shut Up…Please?” Hsiao expressed that adding “please” at the end of the phrase is not because the boyfriend doesn’t dare to tell his girlfriend to “shut up”, but it is to add a tint of affection. He then added, “The ultimate expression of love is to be accepting of everything. Endure…endure…endure and endure all you can because her nagging is also an expression of love for you.”

For the MV, he invited variety show host Sha Sha to be his sassy girlfriend. Although Hsiao was rather nervous during the shoot and kept causing retakes, Sha Sha got right into her character and scolded Hsiao like he was her real boyfriend.

Hsiao Hung-Jen's third album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the MV below:

Watch Hsiao Hung-Jen perform his debut hit "Can't Stand Looking Any Longer" with Crowd Lu and his flip-flops making a special appearance @ Riverside Live House:

Source: SonyMusicTaiwan website + channel, UDN, cindylfc's channel

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