Gary Chaw and Kenji Wu bicker over "chest-pounding" move

Ever since the merge of Seed Music and BMA earlier this year, talks about who is actually the “number one” man of the company between Gary Chaw and Kenji Wu have been endless. Regardless of what the netizens’ opinions are, the singers themselves have been bickering at each other over the news. Just recently on November 20th, Gary declared during his concert in Hong Kong that Kenji copied his “chest pounding" move as well as taking off his shirt. Nine days later, Kenji explained at his album sales celebration autographing and mini concert event at Ximending, “Even if he pounded his chest and took his shirt off first, I’m the one who took them to fame.” Then he added, “What I’m after is not the ‘number one’ title at Seed Music, we should compete to become number one of Asia.”

On the 1st, Gary especially wore Kenji’s album preorder gift tank top during his mini concert at Legacy (concert venue) to express that they were on friendly terms. Kenji did not attend to watch the show because he’s been busy rehearsing for his own upcoming concert on the 11th at Fisherman’s Wharf, Kaohsiung. Nonetheless, Kenji did not forget to comment, “Gary’s was just a small concert, mine is going to be a big stage,” implying that there will be more to see at his concert. When asked if he would invite Gary to be his concert’s special guest, he answered, “I’m afraid he'll get out of control.” – referencing to Gary's wild behavior from before.

Watch Kenji's performance on One Million Star:

Check out Gary's latest "Clown" MV:

Source: UDN, Chinatimes, sugoishow3 and h8ns1990's channel

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