Fish Leong's new look for her upcoming album

Fish Leong will be releasing her new album "What Love Songs Didn't Tell U" on the 24th December, in which $3,000,000 NT was spent on her new concept style, created by Cartier's stylist Sean K. Largely different to the gentle image of the past, Fish now sports short red hair and avant-garde extended eyebrows. Her extravagant eye make-up is inspired by fish, a play on words on her English name, and it takes five hours to put on.

Her new look have scared some fans, and in response, Fish has posted "This style is an experiment, and it shows the small changes I'm going through. Please don't be scared!" on Facebook, as well as thanking all the staff who are working with her.Fish has also said that "No matter what changes there are, I'm still the Fish Leong who will sing love songs for you."

In other news, Universal Music has admitted to an English spelling error on her album. "BALLADS DIDEN'T TELLING U" was originally printed on the cover, but it has been changed to "WHAT LOVE SONGS DIDN'T TELL U". The reason stated was that the error was missed accidentally, not because they copied from another source.

Sources: NowNews, AppleDaily

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