Derrick Hoh comes back with new album and pays tribute to Aaron Kwok

While fellow Singaporean singer Jing Wong has already become a variety regular and hosts his own show as well as writing books on Taiwanese snacks, it’s been two years since we’ve heard of the 2008 newcomer Derrick Hoh. After a long break, Derrick is finally coming back with a new album. Hopping over from Warner Music to Gold Typhoon, he has just released his new single, “When I Know Both Of You Are In Love (當我知道你們相愛)”, which is inspired by Aaron Kwok’s same title classic. Paying a tribute to the veteran singer who is celebrating his 20th anniversary since debut, Derrick expressed, “I wrote this song because Aaron Kwok was the reason why I dreamed about becoming a singer. Every time I listened to his songs, I would always tell myself that I must become a top performer like him!”

Derrick’s new single almost couldn’t make it to see daylight since it needed to obtain the copyrights to use some of the original lyrics and hooks from the classic. It took much effort to get the approval and Derrick even became sleepless during the three-month wait.

Derrick’s new album title, “Changes”, also resonates with his desire to transform himself after his hard work, training, and gaining wisdom. There will also be three different remix versions of his latest single. Derrick said with excitement, “I can’t wait to hear what ‘changes’ there will be between the remixes!” Derrick’s album will be released on December 17th.

Check out the new single here:

And here's the original from Aaron Kwok:

Source: UDN, LibertyTimes, LoveSmilingKelly and usharimau's channel

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