Dance Flow's Takeshi finds home

Dance Flow was invited by the county government of Okinawa, Japan to attend the grand opening of Chura Café in Taiwan where they performed with great energy. Takeshi, who is originally from Okinawa, said happily, "Before, when I missed the hometown taste of Okinawa, I would have to trouble my mom to send it to me by express delivery. But, now, I can buy the fresh delicious taste from Okinawa in Taiwan. I'm so happy, it's like I've flown to heaven."

Seeing all the local products from Okinawa, made Takeshi call out that Taiwan was like a small Okinawa, "Those who have been to Okinawa can come and taste it again, while those who haven't gone can come and taste the authentic flavor of Okinawa." He also revealed that his own personal secret ingredient was brown sugar, to the point of carrying the brown sugar with him on person all the time. Because the weather was cold, the organizers had even prepared buckwheat noodles making them feel touched.

In addition, Takeshi also revealed that he loves to eat bitter melon and the one dish he is always thinking about is his mother's specialty dish "mountain bitter melon fried pork". The other members, who had tasted the food together this past Mother's Day, could still enthusiastically talk about it. Since it's been a long time since Takeshi has gone home, he joked, "When I miss Okinawa in the future, I will come here. I will cry while I eat."

Source: NOWnews

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