Da S has fallout with new mother-in-law?

Just when it seemed like news of Da S's speedy marriage would die down, intimate photos of her and Joseph Chang for the filming of My So Called Love (愛的發聲練習) has displeased her new mother-in-law and is straning their relationship.

The movie was based on a true story where Da S played the lead actress who is mixed up in the middle of Joseph Chang, Eddie Peng, and Easton Dong. In the film, she drops out of school, gets involved as the third party in a marriage, and ends up unwed and pregnant. This was the first time Da S had filmed bed scenes. While there were scenes with both Eddie Peng and Joseph Chang, the ones with Joseph Chang were especially passionate.

According to reports, her mother-in-law saw her passionate poses by chance and immediately called Wang Xiao Fei saying that Da S was too much. However, Da S believes that the movie plot required it and she was not at fault. Thus, it is said that there is a fallout between Da S and her mother-in-law, putting Wang Xiao Fei in a tough spot between the two.

[Updated] After the news came out, Da S's mother-in-law, Zhang Lan, who is currently attending a meeting in Beijing, angrily said, "That's all rubbish!" stating that it was all in the past and has not affected her relationship with Da S at all.

Sources: Libertytimes, Appledaily, UDN

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