Cyndi Wang gets her scuba diving on for upcoming idol drama "Mei Le, Go", snacks on local delicacies with co-star Mike He

Cyndi Wang and Mike He recently went to Hualien Ocean Park to film a scene for their upcoming GTV idol drama "Mei Le, Go", where lead actress Cyndi not only donned scuba gear to feed sea creatures in one of the park's aquariums, but also felt like fish food herself while surrounded by the park's ocean predators.

The veteran idol drama actress, who had never gone scuba diving until arriving at the ocean park, shivered all over her body and sobbed about the cold water temperatures while rehearsing underwater for her scenes. The diving instructor on hand actually instructed her to keep moving so that she wouldn't feel cold, but by the time Cyndi was submerged in the five hundred cubic meter aquarium, she started to freak out and cramp up while being surrounded by a large group of underwater inhabitants such as sharks and manta rays. Regarding her underwater experience, Cyndi said, "I'm really not used to using that (scuba tank) mouthpiece, and since I couldn't get air into my nose, I felt that I was already on the edge of losing oxygen."

Outside the park, lead actors Cyndi and Mike have been having a blast in Hualien and are falling in love with the town, with the both of them especially sampling the town's specialties such as millet mochi and Hualien-style sweet potato. The generous Cyndi even footed the bill for the crew's meals, treating them to the town's famous fried egg onion pancake delicacy (*).

The idol drama has been filming for over a month, and the two lead actors have grown closer professionally. Mike even praised Cyndi for her acting skills in one particular sequence, commenting about his female co-star, "For a scene we did before where we parted, I was shocked and wanted to say 'wow' when she cried right when someone told her to cry"

Source: UDN

(*) translator's note: whatever the hell that is

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