[Update] CTV loses CEO

Yesterday afternoon, it was announced that the CEO of CTV, Wu Ge Qing, has suddenly resigned. This news shook up the entire company. From what is known, he came to the position in June of last year and from then until November, he had a turnover of NT$1,370,000,000, which, from an outsider's point of view, isn't too bad. However, for the new year's annual budge, he drew up a schedule with a budget of NT$400,000,000 and the financial department would only give him NT$50,000,000. This angered him so much that he decided to resign.

He sent out a letter to the staff yesterday saying in the end, "Working with you was an honor." The staff all felt that it was very sudden and thought that something had came up in his life. Since CTV is a listed company, they must wait for the board of directors for a decision on the next CEO. In the meantime, the Vice CEO will be the temporary substitute.

[Update] CTS' former manager will likely be accepting the CEO role at CTV. The decision is pending the board of directors meeting on the 30th.

Source: Appledaily

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