Crowd Lu completes his marathon concert at Taipei Arena

The first in history, Crowd Lu opened his concert at 10 AM in the morning at the Taipei Arena on the 18th. A thousand sets of breakfast were served to the fans as Crowd started the show off by singing a Taiwanese (dialect) classic. A movie was played in the afternoon, and Crowd returned again to sing from 7:30 PM to the end. The concert lasted for a record breaking total of 13 hours!

As his concert entrance, Crowd amusingly appeared on the stage while doing a handstand. The big screen behind him recorded 37 seconds before he came down from it. Crowd later explained that he had learned how to do a handstand after he broke his leg in a car accident before debut.

Crowd showed his athletic side by lapping the 500-meter ring-style stage while having horizontal bars, hurdles, tires and other things as part of his "obstacle course". Fans even reminded the singer to fix his hair when his signature mushroom head got split.

As usual, Crowd sang and played his guitar in free style; when his guitar string came loose, he laughed, “Wait, the key is off…I can’t control!” He invited his 78 year old grandfather as his special guest to sing a duet. Crowd sang approximately forty songs and the concert ended at 11:04 PM; he was fined NT$50,000 for going over the time limit by 4 minutes.

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Source: UDN, Appledaily, LibertyTimes, FTVCP's channel

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