Chris Wu to leave showbiz in 5 years?

Shooting into the public's eye through his relationship with Alice Tsang, Chris Wu increased his popularity even more with his acting in idol dramas. He has even been named the most promising star in the new era. However, according to him, "If I do not win an acting prize within 5 years, I will leave show business." When asked about his previous relationship with Alice, he wouldn't say anything except that the two are still good friends and keep in contact.

"Men need to protect females. I will respect what she says. Our real friends will understand." In regards to being photographed wooing another female, he said that it was just the media making things up from a picture, and also indiretly denied being in a current relationship. He says that everyone will have friends of the opposite sex and will interact with each other. However, it doesn't mean that everyone of the opposite sex is a girlfriend. He is sorry that the good female friends he has were affected by him being an artiste.

He is still trying to get used to the relationship between an artiste and the media. The first time he saw what the news covered, he was extremely angry and thought that the imagination of the media was too much. He does, however, emphasize that he won't change his life because of it, such as hanging out with female friends.

Chris Wu's luck isn't too shabby as he was greatly loved in "Autumn's Concerto" and has been in many movies since. In January, he will be in another movie, 微光閃亮第一個清晨 (roughly The first glimmering light of dawn), as an composer. The director had requested for him to lose 3kg and Chris has started to learn the piano for the part. he still has great enthusiasm in acting and hopes to capture the character perfectly.

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Source: UDN

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