Channel-X premieres with dreadful ratings

It looks like SETTV's ratings nightmare is far from over -- The network had hoped their latest idol drama “Channel-X" could put an end to the ratings drought. Unfortunately, Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo's "Mystery/Suspense Thriller" premiered on TTV* last Sunday with only 1.50%. Ratings haven't been this bad for any SETTV idol dramas since 2006’s “Engagement For Love”. On a positive note, Channel-X still has a long way to go before it'll match Engagement For Love’s lowest rated episode at 0.56%

Despite a weak start, Channel-X was still good enough to take first place in its timeslot. It was followed by “Personal Preference” (1.11%), “4 Gifts” (1.06%) and "Gossip Girl" (0.33%). Personal Preference has been consistent throughout its run on FTV, while CTV's 4 Gifts seemed to have benefited from Zhong Wu Yen and “Endless Love” going off the air. CTS was back to the bottom again with Gossip Girl, and from the looks of its ratings, they might as well re-run Justice Bao instead.

"Mr. J Channel" returned after it was preempted for the Municipal elections two weeks ago. It actually improved slightly to 0.54% as compared to 0.51% three weeks ago. If Mr. J keeps this up, he has a pretty good chance of beating Jacky Wu’s “Super King” (0.62%) -- That is, if “King” doesn’t get cut before the end of the year. Although the two shows don’t actually air in the same timeslot, they have consistently finished in the last two places overall on Saturday nights.

*SETTV-produced idol dramas get their first runs on the free-to-air network TTV.

Here is a full recap of last week's ratings:

Back to Channel-X, did anyone catch the first episode? Or were you bored out of your mind like me and gave up three quarters way through………

Source: Chinatimes, image from UDN

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