Channel-X loses viewers but still holds onto first place

This might turn into a (very) rough ride for Joe Cheng and company – “Channel-X” got off to a slow start two weeks ago, and if yesterday's ratings were any indication, it might be in danger of losing first place. The show scored an average of 1.45% last Sunday, slipping from 1.50% on the week before. It was a minimal drop but SETTV/TTV certainly wished the numbers would improved instead. (For more on Channel-X, read the full Episode 1 Review here.)

Channel-X might get some help this weekend now that “Personal Preference” is out of the way. The Korean drama ended on a series-high of 1.29% last Sunday, followed by "4 Gifts" (0.91%) and "Gossip Girl" (0.23%) in dead last. Although "Personal" wasn’t a big hit for FTV, the drama consistently averaged over 1% during its run. It will be replaced by the GTV-produced “Love Buffet” starring Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen on the 19th.

There's no doubt that Fahrenheit is a big deal in the idol world, but Fahrenheit minus Wu Chun hasn’t really translated into great ratings in the past. And then there’s the manga factor to consider: It's been awhile since a manga-based series ran on Sunday nights. Love Buffet will be the first one since 2009's “Momo Love”, and both have actually been co-produced by GTV and Comic. The latter was a flop in the ratings against some very tough competition. But to put it in perspective, it has been a long time since any manga adaptation was a hit.

Chinatimes reported today that 4 Gifts will end on Dec. 26th, but they won't have another idol drama ("Sunny Happiness") in the lineup till Feb. 6th of next year.

Here is a full recap of last week’s ratings:
*Note: CTV moved "War of Wives" to weekdays at 4 pm to make sure no one watches it anymore.

SETTV, SETTV, SETTV.  They are in big trouble aren't they? Anyone putting their money on Love Buffet to take over #1, or take over the bottom? Is Mike He smiling on the inside now that the field is wide open for Sunny Happiness in January on Feb. 6th? Let us know what you think!

Source: Chinatimes, image from Sanli

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