Channel-X drops to new low but still good enough for #1

It was yet another disappointing week for Channel-X as its ratings dropped to 1.37%. The SETTV-produced drama held onto first place since the rest of the field wasn't much of a challenge. New entry "Love Buffet” came in second with 1.09%, which was slightly down from the finale of its predecessor. But here’s something interesting: Nownews reported that Love Buffet actually beat Channel-X in the “15-24 Male Viewers” category. It averaged 1.19% as compared to 0.10% for the latter. “4 Gifts” remained in third with one episode remaining. As mentioned before, CTV won’t have another idol drama in the lineup until February 6th (Mike He’s “Sunny Happiness”.) And we all know by now that CTS doesn’t care anymore, or at least not until their “Material Queen” arrives in March.

Here is the full ratings recap:

Is it just me, or is anyone else surprised that the Fahrenheit guys are a much bigger draw than Joe Cheng in the Otaku market?...

Source: Chinatimes, Nownews, image from GTV

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