Calvin Chen buys a house for his future female lead

The leads of FTV's "Love Buffet" came together to celebrate the airing of the series' first episode and got on the topic of first loves. Male lead, Calvin Chen revealed that he sent a text message for his first love to support him. On the other hand, the other male lead, Aaron Yan could only recall his bitter sweet first love and confessed that it took him four years to get over her. Although Yu Hong Yuan's character has a love story with both male leads, in reality, she and her first love fought so much that they ultimately ended the relationship.

Calvin, who is very good in doing his finances, invested his hard earned money into stocks and real estate, yielding great results. The almost 30 year old Calvin recently bought a 3 bed 2 bath house in Tian Mu district, spending around NT$20,000,000 for a house that was perfect for a "small family". When asked whether he sought out a house so actively because he wanted to have "a golden house to for his beloved", Calvin laughed and said that his female lead has yet to appear, but he wants to make preparations just in case.

Liking his privacy, Calvin does not like fans following him home. In contrast, Aaron cannot resist the pleadings of fans abroad and his mother had to especially talk with the building manager to settle on a time and area where fans can observe their idol from.

Source: UDN

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