Appledaily picks the top 10 news stories of the year

It’s that time of the year when top 10 lists are created for just about everything we can think of. Appledaily compiled one of their own to help us reflect upon the memorable (celebrity) newsmakers that have left an impression. Here are the Top 10 Entertainment News Stories of the Year as selected by their editors and staff:

1. Selina seriously injured in explosion on the set of her drama
2. Barbie Hsu marries a mainland billionaire (or guy who has a very rich mom)…after 4 dates
3. Tutoring Life: A (French) kiss to remember
4. Double-J reunites on stage, but not in real life thanks to a man named Vivian
5. Ethan Ruan takes home the Golden Horse for Best Actor
6. Lin Yu Chun skyrockets to international fame after his performance on Million Star
7. Faye Wong performs on stage again after 5 years
8. He Yi Hang gets arrested for drug and tax evasion charges
9. Viter Fan questions ex-girlfriend Cyndi Wang’s virginity
10. Hung Hsiao Lei knows her husband is cheating but pretends nothing happened

So were these the headlines you had in mind? How about the ones that didn't make the list (Overworked Xiao Xiao Bin / Ma Guo Bi set his car on fire / Dee Hsu sued Appledaily and won / JJ Lin lost GMA / A-Mei won GMA as her alter ego Amit / Autumn's Concerto snubbed / Golden Donkey recognized the worst of the worst / Jay Chou's endless string of bad luck / Smash hit Rookies' Diary / etc...)?  Let us know what you think!

Source: Appledaily

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