Anthony Neely snuggles up with hairy bunny girl

HIM Records held a celebration party to congratulate their newcomer, Anthony Neely, on the success of his debut album, “Lesson One”. Since the album topped the sales chart on its release, a “No.1” ice sculpture was also prepared for destruction at the party. Anthony, while holding the gold hammer, laughed, “I used to see other singers break ice sculptures on TV and thought it was really cool. I’ve even dreamt of doing this myself and finally, I’m really going to get a chance to today!”

HIM Records also prepared a “mystery bunny girl” as a Christmas present for the singer. Upon hearing this, Anthony became rather nervous as he anxiously waited to greet his ‘bunny girl’. Everyone was anticipating a hot ‘Playboy’ girl to appear, but it turned out that HIM Records had bought him a real female rabbit. He said embarrassedly, “This is okay! I will get along well with it. Furthermore, it’s got fur, so it’s very warm when you hold it!” When asked how he usually spends his Christmas, he humorously replied, “I’ve never spent my Christmas with a girl before, I’ve always eaten dinner with my family. But luckily, I have a ‘bunny girl’ to accompany me this year!” Anthony then gave his bunny girl an affectionate kiss.

At the celebration party, Anthony also sang his newly recorded single, “The Christmas Song”, which is a Christmas present for his fans. He also announced that he will be holding a mini concert at Legacy (concert venue) next year.

Source: NOWnews

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