Anthony Neely mistaken as Lotus Wang's husband?!

Newcomer Anthony Neely and veteran entertainer Lotus Wang have both released their debut albums recently. By chance, the two met at a school concert last week at the backstage. In fact, the two got along so well that they arranged to meet again at Hsing Tian Kong (temple) yesterday on the 20th.

Since it was Anthony’s first time at the temple, Lotus led the way. Other passer-bys didn’t recognize Anthony from behind and exclaimed, “It’s Lotus Wang and her husband!” Upon hearing this, Lotus giggled, “Anthony’s side profile does look a bit like my husband, but he’s too young. It sounds like I’m taking advantage of him.” Anthony on the other hand, complimented Lotus for her humor and friendliness. The two have also agreed to go sing KTV together next time. Lotus even advised Anthony that his homework would be to learn how to sing, “Bobee”, but Anthony surprised everyone as he sang and danced to the song on the spot.

Before leaving the temple, the two decided to become sworn siblings. Lotus immediately thanked the Gods, “Thank you for giving me such a handsome younger brother, it’s really a great fortune!”

Here are some more pics!

Source: NOWnews, LibertyTimes, FTVCP's channel

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